Think you’re a good investor? You’re probably better off dead (or at least very forgetful).

Fidelity, a very large fund manager, did a study on their clients and the results were not surprising. At least not to someone who understands behavioural finance. The full article is here. In short, it says that the best performed investors Continue reading

What is wrong with ‘Joining in 5 minutes’?

Rewards Ahead

Superannuation. There, if you are still awake, I can continue. I have noticed a few super companies recently have advertised one of their features as being able to ‘join in 5 minutes’. In the past, I have seen them say Continue reading

4 Reasons Divestment Programs aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

As a financial planner who specialises in ethical and responsible investment, let me start by saying this; the path to ‘ethics’ is not always straightforward. What is ethical and/or responsible for one person, may not always be so for another. Continue reading