Why Buzzfeed should write about Ethical Investment. A LIST!!

Ethical investment is one name given to a type of investing where your values help to ‘inform’ your investment decisions. Others are Sustainable Investment, Responsible Investment, SRI, ESG Investing and theres probably a few others. Lets say for the sake Continue reading

4 Reasons Divestment Programs aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

As a financial planner who specialises in ethical and responsible investment, let me start by saying this; the path to ‘ethics’ is not always straightforward. What is ethical and/or responsible for one person, may not always be so for another. Continue reading

How do Values and Ethics fit in with investment?


On a personal level, my wife and I started thinking about ethical and responsible investment shortly after our first child was born. Being responsible for someone other than ourselves really meant a review of our priorities, and the importance of Continue reading